3 Quick Ways to Transform Your Blog into a Client Magnet

Blogging by the pool

Are you making consistent money as a freelance writer?

We’ve all heard the dream of the freelance writer lifestyle. Work from anywhere and make a great living. By the pool.

In reality, most finance writers live a world of feast or famine.

Life is good when you have projects, but it’s hard during those dry spells when work is hard to find.

Monetizing your blog

What about starting a blog and monetizing it?

There are many courses out there that’ll teach you how to do this.

You’ve heard that if you put in the time and build an audience, you can make big bucks with your blog. Then you can work from home and live life on your own terms. Ahhh….

It’s true. That can happen.

But for most bloggers, the time needed to build an audience while not earning an income kills motivation. They give up long before the money rolls in.

Monetizing your blog is possible, but it’s a long shot, at best.

Attract paying clients with your blog

Maybe you’ve started a blog as a writing sample for potential freelance writing clients.

If so, good for you. This is a more realistic way for bloggers to get into real money.

You know what you need to do, right? Put a blog on your writer website, post to it regularly, and clients will come to you and hire you because of your expertise.

It all sounds good in theory.

And it’s true, freelance blogging is one of the easiest ways for freelance writers to earn regular, consistent income. Demand is high for bloggers who can put life into company blogs.

Posting to your own blog, if done right, is a great way to bring in paying clients.


Most freelance writer blogs don’t attract clients.

Why is that?

Three reasons your blog is not attracting clients.

1. It doesn’t speak to the reader

I hate to break it to you, but businesses that hire freelance bloggers aren’t interested in you. At least not in reading the details of your personal life.

Businesses are looking for writers who can speak to their audiences.

You need to show potential blog writing clients that you can talk to their audience about what they want to hear.

Readers of company blog posts have a problem, and they’re trying to find a solution.

They need to know what this business can do for them. Can it solve their problem?

Your blog posts need to demonstrate that you can speak to a specific audience.

2. It’s not focused

Another shortcoming of many writer blogs is not being focused on one topic.

A lot of us writers have many interests. And we love to write about them. We think that because we find these topics so fascinating, others must too.

But if you’re looking for work as a paid blogger, this isn’t going to attract clients.

Business blogs need to be focused on one topic – how their business can solve their customers’ problems.

You need to show prospective blogging clients that you can write a variety of posts on a single topic.

Focusing your blog on one niche will help you attract writing clients.

3. It’s not easy to read

Everything your English teacher told you about formatting your papers is wrong (for online writing).

Blog posts need to be easy to read.

We’re all busy and there’s too much information on the Internet.

Readers need to know at first glance that your post will be easy to read. Otherwise it’s not worth their time.

The key here is whitespace.

Keep sentences and paragraphs short. Limit paragraphs to 3-5 sentences.

And single-line paragraphs are just fine.

White space makes your blog posts look easy to read. Most online readers won’t bother reading your blog post if it looks like a term paper. This is especially true if they’re reading on a smart phone, and most Internet users are these days.

Make your blog posts easy to read by leaving lots of white space.

Improve your blog posts and earn recurring blogging income

Use these tips to write blog posts that attract clients.

Well written blog posts about the reader, on a consistent topic, and in a format that is easy to read, will attract paying clients.

When businesses that need a blog (and that’s most all of them nowadays) read your posts and see that you know how to speak to your audience, you’ll find steady blog writing work.

Most businesses with blogs know that publishing consistent, weekly blog posts is a way to bring in customers. Once they see you can write blog posts that can do this, you’re in the money.

Writing blog posts for businesses on an ongoing basis can tame wild freelance writing cash flow.

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