The simple secret to lowering your ad spend

Converting cold traffic is expensive – if you don’t do it right. But you can cut your ad costs and increase conversions by extending your cold traffic funnels.

If your ads aren’t converting new traffic like you’d hoped, or you’re paying too much for your ads, there’s a simple solution.

Story-based social ads alone hook your readers and begin to warm them up to your product.

But still, you’ll lose most cold leads if you send them directly to a sales page.

The secret to paying less for your ads is to warm your cold leads so they’re ready to buy using pre-sale landing pages (also known as advertorials or bridge pages).

When done right, your prospects change their beliefs as they move through each step of your funnel. Each page moves them a little closer to the sale.

This way, your leads are no longer cold when they get to your sales page. They’re warm and ready to buy future customers.

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