About Joe Nattress

Are you a marketing manager or business owner tired of not having enough time, marketing staff, or engagement with your marketing?

If so, you’re in the right place.

I’m Joe Nattress. I write online marketing content that engages readers, builds relationships, and converts prospects to buyers and long-term customers. My clients appreciate knowing I consistently provide them with content that brings them results. 

I’ve got a passion for marketing and helping businesses and nonprofits do good things in the world. And I’ve been told I throw some pretty good dinner parties, too. More on that later…

What I do

I’m a copywriter and content marketing strategist. I write marketing materials for mission-driven, socially conscious businesses and nonprofits. Drawing on my love of people, empathy, passion, and life experience, I create clear copy and emotional stories that readers connect with. 

I’ve also been a university English teacher for 20 years. I learned research and teaching techniques in my Master of Education (M.Ed.) program. Teaching writing has honed my writing skills and work habits. I’ve edited more student papers than I can count. Juggling multiple projects and meeting weekly deadlines is my regular routine.

My experience assures you that you will receive thoroughly researched, well-written, error-free copy delivered on time. 

Continuing education and certifications

To keep current on the latest in digital marketing, I constantly read, write, and study with masters of the craft to further develop my skills.

I’m a Certified Content Marketer with Copyblogger Media and a Verified Copywriter with American Writers and Artists, Inc.

Lifelong learning is a passion of mine. Nowadays, this passion pushes me to improve my copywriting and marketing skills, so I can help improve the world by promoting businesses and organizations that care.

Why I choose to work with organizations that care

I work with people, businesses, and nonprofit organizations that care – about the environment, human dignity, equality, equal access to education, and animal protection. And just doing good, honest, respectful business.

This comes from my 3 strongest passions.

Social justice and equality

I grew up in the countryside on the West Coast of the U.S. My mom worked in social services and my dad was a small town teacher. I was raised to believe that everyone deserved to be treated equally and given a fair chance.

Animal rescue and protection

We also used to give a fair chance to the street animals we welcomed into our home. I grew up with a lot of cats.

My wife and I still rescue street cats and dogs here in Asia. We’ve got quite a “crew”, as she calls them, on our farm in Thailand. And our 2 former street kittens in Japan have been very happy to be indoors during the cold winters.

Environmental conservation

I spent a lot of time in my childhood swimming, fishing, canoeing, sailing, hiking, and camping. Outdoor adventures have been part of my life ever since. My connection with the outdoors made me a passionate conservationist long before it was the obvious imperative that it is today.

What this means to you

My goal is to write marketing content that helps you accomplish your mission. I do this by learning all I can about your product or service, doing further market research, and writing content that your audience will want to read.

Because I work with companies that align with my own passions and values, I know that when your campaigns succeed, I’m making a positive impact on the world.

What’s next?

If you’re looking for a writer who’s got the marketing skills, dedication to the craft, and passion for the work you do, let’s talk. I can help you spread your message and earn more, so you can continue to do good work in the world.

Contact Me

Email: joe@joenattress.com

Phone: +1 (360) 474-4245

Oh, and those dinner parties?

Outside of work, I enjoy my life. I’m into travel, photography, and spending a lot of time on boats and motorcycles, and in hiking boots. And I’m usually with interesting people.

My wife and I are also known for our dinner parties. We provide lots of good food, good wine, and laughter. And dancing. You’re also likely to find culinary delicacies like creatures with many legs. For me, life is always an adventure.






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