Turn funnel frustration into “Woo-hoo!”

Send your cold leads on an emotional journey down the page, leaving objections behind.

Story-based advertorials hook your readers. By the end of the page, they’ll be excited to read your offer and eager to buy. And you’ll be ecstatic when you see the conversions.


You’ve got a proven offer. Maybe your sales page converts pretty well from email.

So with paid traffic, it should kick ass, right?

But then you see your conversion stats from your new social ad – and they suck. Something’s missing….

It could be the ad…

… but the click-through rate on the ad is good.

Everything just dies when it reaches the sales page…

Cold traffic conundrums

As marketers, we know cold traffic is hard to convert, even with a good sales page.

So what’s the easiest way to boost cold traffic conversions in your sales funnel?

First, warm up your cold leads before they see your sales page.

But isn’t your content already doing that?

All the content in the world doesn’t do any good if your cold leads don’t see it before they see your sales page.

That always troubled me when I used to write marketing content.

Content marketing is great. It helps businesses grow over time…

…but it’s slow. And it doesn’t help with cold traffic that’s never read it.

I’m Joe Nattress

I’m a frustrated content writer turned direct response conversion copywriter.

After 20+ years of teaching university English and academic writing, I needed a creative outlet. The stiff writing style I taught my students helped them thrive in academia. But that style of writing never sat very well with me, personally.

That’s what got me into copywriting.

Here I get to use my research skills and express in “real” language what I learn about my clients’ customers and markets.

I started off as a freelance content writer. But over time I noticed a more pressing need for my clients. What many of them needed instead of more content was a better way to convert cold funnel traffic.

That became my new mission – helping businesses increase cold funnel conversions.

So I hit the books once again. I dove deeper into my study of direct response copywriting to learn how to write killer funnel copy that converts.

Now I specialize in helping businesses like yours convert more cold traffic with story-based advertorials (pre-sale landing pages).

Energize your business

Learn how advertorials can fire up your sleeping funnels, and skyrocket new ones.

  • Help buyers get to know, like, and trust you before they see your sales message.
  • Boost your cold traffic conversions.
  • Lower your traffic costs.

Find out how. Book a Free 15-Minute Consultation Call Today.

Contact Me

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Email: joe@joenattress.com

Phone: +1 (360) 474-4245

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