Elevate Your Marketing Copy…

Attract More Prospects

Build Stronger Relationships

Increase Your Revenue


Marketing managers, you know you need good copy.

You want to expand your audience, increase engagement, and grow your income.  And you’re concerned about ROI…

But not all marketing content brings you the results you need.

It can be frustrating.

Shouldn’t you be getting more engagement from your content?

How do you grab the attention of your distracted audience, hold their interest, and lead them to take action?

You do it with content that clearly communicates your message to your ideal customers in the language that they speak.

Who writes this kind of marketing content?

A writer who cares about your success enough to research your organization to understand your mission. And to find the right words your audience will respond to.

A writer who also understands content marketing. One with the skills and marketing knowledge to help you succeed.

A writer with empathy who can develop the stories that matter to your prospects and fans.

A writer with the reliability to complete projects on time.

That’s what I do

I’m a copywriter and content marketing strategist with a passion for making positive change in the world.

I’m a verified copywriter with American Writers and Artists, Inc. And I’ve studied content marketing strategy with Copyblogger Media.

I’ve also been a university English teacher for twenty years. Writing, editing, and communicating clearly are what I do. Along with juggling projects and meeting deadlines.

Together, we can create marketing content that will bring you more prospects, strengthen your  relationships with them, and convert more of them to happy customers.

How to work with me

Step 1 

We connect on a 30 minute call to discuss your goals and set up a project.

Step 2

I research your business, products, services, your customers and prospects. I interview, write, and edit.

Step 3

You watch your numbers grow and your marketing frustrations disappear.

Make an Appointment 

Let’s discuss your content marketing goals.

Email me: connect@joenattress.com

Call me: 1-360-474-4245 

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Email: connect@joenattress.com

Phone: +1 (360) 474-4245

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