The world of fundraising is changing.

Growing numbers of nonprofits, crowdsourcing opportunities, and corporate social responsibility programs all compete for the attention of a would-be donors. Regulatory changes and the current political climate add to uncertainty. And prospects are overwhelmed with information.

Marketing in this environment is challenging. There’s a lot of pressure to find new donors and retain the ones you have. And to increase revenue.

Social media seemed to be the way out, but now engagement and responses are declining. And with so many platforms, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with them all.

You know content marketing can work, but your content doesn’t always get the response you want. It seems like it could do better.

What can you do to improve to the effectiveness of your marketing content?

You need content that connects with donors and prospects in an emotional way. Case studies and stories of beneficiary transformation work well for this.

To get this type of content, you need a passionate, empathetic writer who cares about your mission, your beneficiaries, and your donors. One who can bring your stories to life.

You need a writer who can not only tell an emotional story, but one who can persuade donors to support your cause. A writer who researches your organization and your ideal audience to learn what they respond to. And a writer who knows content marketing strategy.

I’m a trained copywriter and content marketing strategist. I care deeply about the problems in the world that affect people, animals, and the environment.

Writing for nonprofits gives me an opportunity to help the causes I care about and magnify the impact I can personally make.

If you’re looking for a copywriter who cares about your mission and can attract more prospects, retain more donors, and bring in more revenue, let’s talk.

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